Gooseneck Hospitality

"This is a restaurant group with high standards. They know what they're doing and understand what they want." - Alexandra Gill, The Globe & Mail


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Gooseneck Hospitality is a Vancouver-based restaurant and hospitality company founded by Joshua Pape and James Iranzad. Exhibiting a wealth of knowledge in the food hospitality and business sectors, Gooseneck Hospitality is committed to creating restaurants that are inspired by Vancouver and its rich culinary history.

We aim to bring each location we operate to life in a way that is respectful of the past, exciting for the present and sustainable for the future. We do this through the concepts that we create, the food that we cook and the experience that we provide for our customers.


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Some selected accolades


GOLD | Best Pizzeria, Bufala | 2016 Vancouver Magazine Awards

GOLD | Best Westside, Bufala | 2015 Vancouver Magazine Awards

BRONZE | Best Gastown, Wildebeest | 2015 Vancouver Magazine Awards

BRONZE | Best Casual Italian, Bufala | 2015 Vancouver Magazine Awards

GOLD | Best New Restaurant, Wildebeest | 2013 Vancouver Magazine Awards

GOLD | Best Design, Wildebeest | 2013 Vancouver Magazine Awards

BRONZE | Best Casual, Wildebeest | 2013 Vancouver Magazine Awards

✭✭✭ | Restaurant Review, Wildebeest | Globe & Mail, 2012

✭✭✭✭ | Restaurant Review, Wildebeest | Vancouver Sun, 2012